Proper haircut can influences your overall looks. There are many types of barber services you can get. The top five barber stores in London are being listed here. They have every service that you need regarding grooming.


Grooming is essential part of your lifestyle today and it not only makes us look presentable to others but it also boosts your confidence about yourself. Grooming and taking care of you is no longer the domain of women alone and there are number of salons and spas for men exclusively. There are several services which are exclusively meant for men too and you can easily get these services anywhere in London. Here we are going to list top 5 barbers in London whose services you can opt for.


The refinery

They are situated both in Mayfair and Harrods and this place offers a full blown spa treatment to their clients. The place is noted for their consistent quality service and though it is comparatively costly you can rest assured that you would not regret your decision of getting a haircut from here. It is a top luxury grooming destination in London.


Drakes of London

Men’s laser hair removal London by Drakes of London is one of the top services that people who come here seeks. The salon have a number of services for men in particular and you can rest assured that you would surely be rendered satisfied with their service.  The expense is moderate as well and hence your budget would also be maintained this way.



This is one of the top grooming options you have in London. They have moved from Edinburgh and their skills have been acknowledged through several awards. They have a branch at convent garden which offers quality services to men and it is a very popular choice among men in London. The staffs are expertly trained and they offer nothing but the best to the clients.


The nomad barber store

The name is inspired by their globetrotting and documenting the different barbering trends across the world. They also have a popular web series which would give you a fair insight of the quality of the work that you can expect from them. His experiences across the world have influenced his works very positively which you can witness for yourself at his store.


Geo F trumper

This is located at several locations like Curzon street, Mayfair, duke of York street, st. James etc. they are an esteemed name in the world of grooming. They offer luxurious experiences to the clients and are sure that they would not fail you in terms of their services.