Imagine you’ve just had your teeth whitened and you want to keep them white forever. Which we recommend doing if you’re going into a social job which involves you being close up and personal, such as Cognita teaching jobs or interviewing potential students. Something as small as keepinmg your teeth white can really boost the image of the Cognita school. Nevertheless, even if you wish for that to happen, you most likely do not even know that you keep repeating the things that might ruin that for you. Well, we are going to help you with that, because we’re going to list the five things you might be doing, but should stop doing immediately if you wish to keep your teeth white and start smiling without worrying about them.

1 – Stop smoking!

Probably everyone in the world knows that smoking is bad for you, but most of them keep doing it. It is not only bad for your lungs, which most people know, but not so many people know that cigarettes are also bad for your teeth. That is because cigarettes contain tobacco, which turns the teeth yellow, and other than that, it also makes them stained. This happens when you inhale the smoke from a cigarette and it gets stuck to the teeth. And the easiest way to stop this from happening is to just stop smoking. Upon further research, I have found that there are several specific methods specialist dentists such as Wellington Clinic, the best dentist London, one being placing a special chemical that breaks down the stains then completely removes it. This is both safe and popular withing the cosmetic industry.

2 – Cut down on coffee, tea, and other dark drinks

These dark drinks have certain ingredients that could stain your teeth, and by drinking it a couple of times every single day, you’re bound to have stained yellow teeth. That is why it is really important to cut down on drinks suck as coffee, tea, wine, etc. So, even if you drink any of these drinks, make sure you rinse your mouth after drinking it, so you don’t have anything left on your teeth. In addition, you should brush your teeth afterwards, but if you’re in the office or anywhere where you can’t brush your teeth, just rinse them with water.

3 – Be careful with candy

Everyone knows that eating sweets can make you chubby, and that’s why they exercise after eating them. Well, just like they add some fat to your belly, they also add to the plaque build-up on your teeth, which could in turn lead to cavities, and other major gum diseases. They make the teeth appear more yellowish, which, quite frankly, is not that nice to see. So, avoid eating them as much as you can, and when you do eat them, make sure you brush your teeth afterwards, or rinse them.

4 – Take care of your enamel

As we get older, the enamel on our teeth tends to erode and get thinner. Because of that, your teeth may seem more yellow. This happens because of the fact that the layer beneath it is not that white, and it begins to show. This enamel keeps out teeth white, and if it runs out, it will be hard to ever win back your teeth whiteness. You can prevent this by eating less acidic food, taking shower regularly (you can even make the experience more enticing by using these cool rain shower heads as seen on Showerheadly) and drinking less alcohol. And of course, the best way of taking care of your enamel, and your teeth in general, is visiting a dentist once in a while.