There is a wide assortment of various kinds of jobs in the UK where you would require having a DBS check done. The DBS check do basically the police and the government do a check where any people with a serious criminal offence in the past would be rejected from doing certain kind of jobs.

People who have a history of child abuse or vulnerable adults will also be barred from doing jobs. DBS checks have now replaced CRB checks and are applicable for everyone who has arrived in UK from overseas. What many people are confused about is the amount that is required for the DBS criminal record check to be done and the prices range from around £26 for a basic check to £44 for a more detailed certificate. So who has to pay this amount? Does it have to be the person himself? How to get funding for a DBS check? You can read on to know more. If you are wondering how to get the funding for the DBS check then you can approach these institutions for help.


One of the best ways to get funded for a DBS check is getting help by the organization where you would be appointed. This could either be an old age home, a school, a vulnerable group institution or any other institutions. For a voluntary role, there is no charge at all for processing DBS checks, so the charity or the voluntary organizations would also not have to pay for DBS checks. A DBS check, which is carried out for a voluntary position, is the same check that is carried out for various paid positions in an organization. You would get a DBS certificate for the same.

Would the employer pay for your DBS checks?

Most of the organizations admit the fact that paying for DBS checks on their new staff members is a mandatory part of the organization and it is a basic part of the recruitment process as well and many of them would have to pay the DBS check costs on the behalf of the employee.

The common way to have a DBS check done is by informing the candidate that he would have to get checked for DBS after the interview has been cleared and his appointment letter has been issued. The employer would have to pay for the DBS charges however he can wait as long as the DBS certificate is issued which may take quite a bit of time.

Do you have to pay for your own DBS?

There is no such written rule that the employer should have to pay for the employees DBS charges, however some good companies do that extra bit to pay for the DBS charges of the employee. Not all employers’ pay for the employees DBS charges and some may also ask the employees to pay for the charges themselves. People who move in and out of jobs regularly would have to conduct the DBS checks by themselves.